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Battle Pool is a 3D turn-based strategy game. It's very similar to a pool game set-up, but has a unique storyline
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11 March 2012

Editor's review

Ever since it first came into being a few centuries back, Pool has been one of the most cheered-for sport for fans all across the globe. However, the game has gone under a series of makeover with the passage of time, eventually establishing itself as not just one of the most popular sport in the world, but also as a source of entertainment for a huge chunk of casual players. Subsequently, it made its way into the digital sphere as well with multiple vendors coming up with Pool, or Pool-inspired video games to lure the fan boys of the sport - also referred to as Billiards sometimes. Battle Pool 1.018 is such a Pool-inspired strategy game whose core concept is borrowed from the conventional Pool games, but with lots of added features that make it quite unique.

Battle Pool 1.018 is basically a three-dimensional turn-based title, primarily aimed at the fans of ‘strategy-game’ genre. Though based on Pool, the game brings along with it a rather interesting story line which can hardly go unappreciated by someone - after all, not too much of games can come up with such innovative idea wherein the most exciting elements of both strategy and pool games are blended on a such scale to offer something entirely new and unique. The game involves the player bouncing his balls throughout the screen for chasing and destroying enemy balls. For this, their balls are powered up every now and then, thus making the strike-power more effective and fit enough to counter any enemy ball. The graphics is awesome - and complements the gameplay in the best possible way. The soundtrack is also pretty decent.

Overall, despite being a free game, Battle Pool 1.018 does a fairly neat job when it comes to entertain the players for over a long duration of time. Hence it gets a score of four and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Battle Pool is a 3D turn-based strategy game. It's very similar to a pool game set-up, but has a unique storyline attached. If you're a big pool fan (and I know there are lots of you out there) but want something a bit more interesting than plain vanilla pool, look no further than this! Battle Pool is an interesting game which involves you bouncing your balls all over the screen trying to destroy the enemy's balls.... Your balls can get special powerups and things which make them much more effective against enemy balls.
Battle Pool
Battle Pool
Version 1.019
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